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Meeting Minutes 09-13-2019

I. Call to order: Brian Lewis called to order the open meeting for The Kentucky Bluegrass Chapter of The ISEE at 12:10 p.m. on September 13th, 2019 at RESPEC in Lexington, KY. Brian Lewis then read the Anti-trust Policy Statement and the ISEE Conflict of Interest Disclosures.

II. Roll call: Dana Getman conducted a role call via a contact list. The following persons were present: Brian Lewis, Dana Getman, Tristan Worsey, Marty Brashear, Kristie Allen, Nathan Rouse, Joey Hopper, Jhon Silva, Paul Holmgren, Chip Davis, and Abby Styer.

III. Secretary Report: Dana Getman presented the previous meeting minutes. Kristie Allen moved to accept the minutes as written. Chip Davis seconded. Motion passed.

IV. Treasurer Report: Tristan Worsey presented the Financial Statement. Discussion followed regarding the operating revenues and expenses. Dana Getman moved to accept the Treasurer’s Report. Kristie Allen seconded. Motion passed.

V. Matters of Discussion:

a) Discussion of things to add to the website:

· Meeting minutes for each chapter meeting.

· Upcoming events.

· Blog

· List of all paid members.

· Pictures of all events.

· Links to LinkedIn, The KBC’s website, and all social media pages.

· More information about joining such as benefits and where the membership money goes.

· Who we are and what we support.

· Information about the UK Student Chapter.

b) Kristie Allen made a motion for Joey Hopper to be our Social Media Coordinator. Marty Brashear seconded. Motion passed.

· Joey will create a Facebook and Instagram account.

c) Discussion of ways to support The University of Kentucky Student Chapter:

· The President of The Student Chapter, Abby Styer mentioned they have meetings every other Thursday. She said it would be helpful to have speakers from our industry come. Brian Lewis and Kristie Allen will attend the next meeting on 09/19/2019 at 5:00 p.m. in Lexington.

· We will help forward any information we receive from the UK Chapter to help them find sponsors and share upcoming events.

d) A review will be done on our current logo to determine if we are keeping it or making a new one. Marty Brashear’s wife Missy can create a new one if needed.

e) Discussion on the KBC:

· A motion was made by Tristan Worsey to host a social before the KBC on December 4th, 2019. Kristie Allen seconded. Motion passed.

o Tristan is looking into a location and food options. Manchester’s Music Hall or Yesterday’s at 7:00 p.m. are in discussion.

o A motion was made by Joey Hopper to approve up to $1,000 for this event. Nathan Rouse seconded. Motion passed.

· Our booth will be next to the UK booth.

· Dana Getman will create a sign-up sheet for people to run the booth.

· Kristie Allen is looking into getting donations of guns and knives for our table at the KBC.

· Kristie Allen is looking into getting a table cloth and hard hat stickers with our logo on them.

· Kristie Allen is finding someone with a FFL to come to the conference.

· Kristie Allen and Dana Getman are looking into shirts with our logo to sell at the conference.

· Tristan Worsey is looking into a QR code.

· Marty Brashear is looking into licensing we may need to do the raffle.

f) Discussion on new presentation ideas for Brian Lewis:

· Reasons on why to join The Bluegrass Chapter:

o Networking opportunities

o Scholarships and opportunities for money to go to the ISEE Annual Conference

o Re-training opportunities

o Being a member of a professional group

o Our Chapter acts as an advocate for explosive industries

g) Review from hosting The ISEE Board:

· We need an accountant. Tristan is working on finding one.

· We confirmed we are nonprofit.

· When our website is ready, we need to link it to the state, KBC, ISEE, and social media sites.

· We reviewed our scholarship funds, and how they work.

h) We started thinking of fun events to do quarterly next year. A golf scramble was mentioned.

i) Marty Brashear made a motion to keep our bank account at a maximum of $1,000 and to distribute the rest between scholarship funds and the UK Student Chapter. Tristan Worsey seconded. Motion passed.

j) Chip Davis made a motion to give RESPEC a free sponsorship banner for hosting our meetings. Kristie Allen seconded. Majority ruled.

VI. Adjournment: Brian Lewis

Prior Meeting Minutes submitted by: Dana Getman

Prior Meeting Minutes approved by: Brian Lewis


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