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Kentucky Bluegrass Chapter of The I.S.E.E. Tentative Schedule of Events for 2023

(1) Tentative Trainings:

(a) May 2023 in Knott County

(b) September 2023 in Bowling Green

(2) Tentative Outings:

(a) April 15th, 2023: Keeneland Tailgating

(b) September 2023: Golf Scramble

(c) December 2023: Social at the Kentucky Blasting Conference

(d) December 2023: Sponsor the UK Student Chapter’s Clay Shoot

To become a member of The Kentucky Bluegrass Chapter of The ISEE and receive member only updates including training information, outings, and industry news, please contact:

Daykin Schnell at 402-1770-5617 or

Dana Coppage at 270-668-7269.

Follow The Bluegrass Chapter on Social Media!

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